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D/D is calculated up to the nearest 1% - Wins are rounded down to the nearest 1% and losses are rounded up to the nearest 1%. This gives us a margin of safety when applying stops.

Profit factor is calculated by subtracting overall losses from overall gains over a 12 year period from May 2008*. The higher the number the better. For example if the profit factor was ‘3.5’. That would mean if our gross loss over the 12 years was £2000, our gross profit would be £2000 x 3.5 = £7000 so essentially for every £1 lost we would have made £3.50 back.

The Win rate is simply the percentage of trades that close in profit.


Percentages of Drawdown, wins and losses are based on one contract.

*Some companies IPO’d after 2008 so data will be collected from the IPO date.