Atlassian Corp $TEAM

It's a funny name but a great company.

Atlassian are an Australian software company founded in 2002 that started off developing products for software developers. It offers a number of programs that seamlessly interact to make team collaborations easy. They offer a range of paid subscriptions for any company from start ups to household names such as eBay, Airbnb, Nasa, Square etc.

Over the last quarter they faced an operating loss of over $19m but revenues of over $411m. They are holding over $2 billion in cash with no debt. As we know a lot of companies operate at losses but the growth is substantial and I believe over the next few years Atlassian will continue to see substantial growth. 

In the last 3 years revenue has increased from $809m to $1.5billion with customer growth from 119k to over 170k.

The great thing with Atlassian is that they are constantly increasing their software offerings. They may have started off with the aim of streamlining software development but now offer software that covers every aspect of a business including HR, Legal, Ops, Finance and more. The aim is to lock you into the eco-system with these expertly interlinked software offerings. Current analyst average is $191 with Piper Sandler's target at $212 and Citigroup at $252. With the continued growth in remote working which I see changing face of offices around the world forever, this is a great opportunity fo Atlassian to really push into what is being dubbed 'the new normal'. You can invest with as little as £1 with Trading212or follow me on eToro and let me do the trading for you!

This is not investment advice.


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