Check Out My System In Action

Below is a video of my short term system in action. It is not available to buy or download and has been programmed by me.

It identifies oversold conditions using a variety of technical triggers including Bollinger bands, RSI and more. When the conditions are met I receive a 'Buy' signal which is then manually traded on eToro. The 'Sell' signal indicates when I should sell the stock. I take the signal on the close of the candle, the signal does not repaint.

The first video is based on a 15 minute chart on one of the stocks I trade. It has been sped up for educational purposes.


The second video is a more detailed look at how the system works.

Please note I only trade this system on selected stocks that have passed my fundamental analysis. I do this to ensure I am buying into quality companies with solid financials. 

To access the charting system I use please click here.