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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

When a buy signal (trade idea) is generated we send it direct to the group with a suggested Stop Loss level. You can choose to apply the SL depending on your risk tolerence. When a sell signal is generated we again send it to the group and at this point you should close the trade even if it is at a loss.

Can I lose money?

Our signals are for educational purposes only, however, if you choose to apply them to a real account there is a possibility of losing money, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing or trading. Past performance is not indicitive of future results.

Will you show me how to trade?

No, we expect you to have a basic knowledge of trading and know how to execute and close a trade. You should also know how to add stop loss levels and have knowledge of risk managment.

How much should I risk per trade?

This depends on your risk tolerence and goals. A sensible figure is around 5% per trade. This allows you to take a number of losses and keep your account safe. We advise that you use our stop loss levels if you apply these signals to a real account.

Can I get a refund?

We will only offer a refund if you have signed up and have not received any signals yet. Once you receive a signal we will no longer offer a refund. You must read out terms and conditions which are listed on the order page and on the main website in various locations. Our service is for educational purposes only and we accept NO liability for any profit or loss made by the end user.

What does profit factor mean?

The amount of money a the strategy made for every unit of money it lost. This value is calculated by dividing gross profits by gross losses. The higher the better.

I missed the buy signal as I was working, what should I do?

Look at the price of the security when I sent the signal. So for example you received a message saying:

'Buy $ADBE - Adobe Inc - S/L 350' at 2.45pm

If at 2.45pm the price of Adobe Inc was $425 and the current price is very close to this (within a dollars range) then it is worth entering, if price has already moved a couple of dollars just wait for the next signal. There will always be another opportunity to enter so don't worry.

How do I understand the message?

In the telegram channel it will read:

'Buy $AMZN - Amazon - S/L 2300'

This means buy Amazon stock with a stop loss at $2300. We do not generate a Take Profit until it is time to close the trade. The amount you want to trade and the amount of leverage is up to you.

How many trades win?

The system has generated a win rate of 75-86% across 15 equities over the last 12 years. The proft factor is an impressive 3.2-9.3.

How long should I follow your trades for?

The longer the better. Wealth is built over time. I would suggest a minimum of 12 months to take advantage of any cycles within the market.

Why would I pay for a subscription when I can follow for FREE on eToro?

Some people like to choose their own broker, in some countries eToro may not be available. It's a personal preference and I like to give users the option of choosing where they keep their money.

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