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About Me

I have been investing and trading for over 10 years. I have developed a mixed system of long term investment with short term trading. 

You can benefit directly from my knowledge and experience by copying me on eToro, the worlds largest social trading platform. As an authorised Popular Investor on eToro my strategy, risk and drawdown is constantly monitored by eToro to ensure I'm trading sensibly and keeping your money safe! The best bit? It doesn't cost you a penny to copy me!

How I Trade

I allocate 50% of my capital to long term investments. The other 50% of trades are generated from an Algorithm I wrote to identify oversold equities. I use this algorithm on 34 U.S equities and ETF's. It has been backtested over 12 years on each individual security with an accuracy rate of between 75% - 90%, and a minimum profit factor of 3.216 to 12.3. Watch my algo in action here.

"But I Don't Know Anything About The Stock Market"

The beauty of eToro is that you can benefit from gains in the stock market with very little knowledge. When you copy me; MY trades are automatically copied to YOUR account for FREE! Copying me doesn't cost you a penny! Why keep your savings locked away earning 0.10% a year when you can make the same incredible gains as me!

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It really is that simple!


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